I'm Steve Ruiz, a digital product designer. I'm best known for my work with Framer, a code-based design and prototyping tool. I'm currently working as a User Experience Architect with Inviqa, a digital consultancy in London.


Gotcha is a project inspector for Framer, a lot like Zeplin but designed for interactive prototypes. With Gotcha, a designer can hand off a prototype and allow a developer to instantly view detailed information about each element in the project. Gotcha exposes a wealth of live data on positions, sizes, text and even animations.


Framework is a component library for Framer. Designed to jump-start prototyping projects, Framework provides a design system's worth of pre-built, modular components, all of which can be dropped into projects and even themed to match the designer's brand guidelines.

More projects

Top TrailsTop Trails

Explore the UK's best trails and long-distance hikes. This project was an experiment in handling horizontal navigation and beautiful state transitions in a drill-down interface.

Explore the prototype.

Refuge RestroomsRefuge Restrooms

A data driven prototype, this prototype makes live calls to the Google Maps, Google Places, and Refuge Restrooms APIs, in order to find nearby gender-neutral bathrooms.

Explore the prototype.


Communicating a game design and getting the interaction right are tough with static designs. This prototype demonstrates both the core idea of the game and how movement and action selections work on mobile.

Explore the prototype.

Gallery AppGallery App

A basic gallery interface, this project explored managing and communicating data states (which photos are starred) across different views.

Explore the prototype.

iOS Home ScreeniOS Home Screen

Look familiar? It should feel familiar too. Long press icons to enter a selection mode, then drag icons to reposition them.

Explore the prototype.

iOS Home ScreenEbook Reader

This prototype reproduces a working model of an e-book reader, allowing for fine tuning of the interactive elements, including style controls.

Explore the prototype.